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Arthur Finnieston

Arthur Finnieston founded Arthur Finnieston Incorporated (AFI) in 1928. He created the company out of a desire to offer exceptional orthotic care to all. In the beginning, AFI was a clinic exclusively for Orthotic care. When Arthur’s son Alan joined the company, they branched into the field of Prosthetics.

In the 1950s, Arthur began working with an Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Weiland, to care for disabled children under the newly formed Florida Crippled Childrens’ Commission that Dr. Weiland had founded. Through Dr. Weiland and Arthur Finnieston a residency program was created at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in co-operation with the University of Miami. The first resident to graduate from the program was Dr. Charles Burbacher.

When the Bahamian Crippled Children’s Committee which was founded in 1954 by Sir Etienne Dupuch, both Arthur and Dr. Burbacher agreed to volunteer their services. Realizing that there were no resources for Bahamian children to receive Orthopedic care, they were glad to help Sir Etienne with his humanitarian endeavors.

For 19 years, they would fly to Nassau twice a year to provide much needed Orthopedic services to the Bahamian children. Not even hurricanes would stop them. Arthur worked alongside Dr. Burbacher to fabricate braces for the Bahamian children. And when Arthur’s son Alan joined the clinic, he too joined in attending the clinics to care for the Bahamian children.

For their work, Dr. Burbacher received the OBE, Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II. Arthur was awarded MBE, Member of the British Empire for "a unique contribution to health in the Bahamas."

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