When my son Brandon was diagnosed with "Plagiocephaly", I must admit I was very nervous. This all became very intense once I found out he would have to wear a helmet to correct it. My sister became very frantic as well, and immediately, she started to research the pros and cons of her nephew wearing a helmet. We then discovered that the earlier the correction was made, the better it would be for my little Brandon's future.

He was seven months old when we were recommended to the certified kinderBAND™ clinic. It was very ironic, the kinderBAND™ cranial specialist just so happened to be on his way to a dentist appointment when he stopped in to visit the staff of our craniofacial pediatric surgeon's office. I remember the PA that saw Brandon referring me to many different places for his helmet, and out of them all I chose the kinderBAND™ clinic. The main reason was because of the instant connection the cranial specialist had with Brandon. He pretty much evaluated him before his first appointment.

Brandon wore his kinderBAND™ for approximately 12 weeks, and the result were very satisfactory to everyone involved. I must admit, it took a lot of hard work and dedication on my part as his mother to ensure that all the required recommendations were followed precisely. I also had to make sure all his follow up appointments were kept in order to assure the necessary adjustments were made. With the assistance of the entire kinderBAND™ staff, we were able to accomplish what the intended goal was.

I would like to thank the staff of our kinderBAND™ clinic for making what I thought would have been a nerve wracking experience a smooth process. It's because of you that my son has a perfectly shaped head.

I am definitely a happy and proud mommy. Thanks kinderBAND™!

Miami, FL