Please explain the treatment process. How many visits are needed and how often will I be required to come for follow-up appointments?
On the first visit, we will evaluate your baby, take measurements/photos and scan your baby's head. On the second visit, we fit your baby with the kinderBAND™. After that, you will be required to return every three (3) weeks for follow-up until the end of treatment. Most infants wear the kinderBAND™ for an average of 3-4 months, however, this may be shorter or longer depending upon severity and age beginning treatment. For details, please visit our TREATMENT page.
What happens if I cannot make the follow-up appointments?
It is very important that we see your baby every three weeks. At this age, babies are growing and changing rapidly. Throughout the process we will be modifying the kinderBAND™ to accommodate head growth and ensure the proper correction is being achieved. If the caregiver cannot make the routine follow-up appointment, please call the clinic immediately. Extended time between appointments may result in less than optimal head correction. Please remember that the kinderBAND™ is a FDA regulated medical devices and it is critical to follow the specific treatment protocol.
Is your clinic accessible by public transportation?
Yes! Our clinic is located right on the US 1 / South Dixie Highway Busway. The office is one block from the MetroBus stop at the corner of US1 and SW 124th Street.
What happens during the scanning process? Is my baby exposed to radiation? Is it safe?
All of our babies are scanned using the BioScanner™, the most advanced technology in the field of orthotics. Scanning is a relaxed, non-invasive procedure that takes less than a minute. Your baby is exposed to radiation less than the radiation in a standard household light bulb (yes, light bulbs emit radiation) Our scanner is an eye safe laser that has been approved by the FDA. We designed the scanning process to be as stress free, relaxed and safe as possible. For details, please visit our SCANNING page.
Will my baby sleep in the kinderBAND™? Won't they be uncomfortable?
In order to achieve maximum results from the kinderBAND™, your baby will be asked to wear it between 20-23 hours a day after the initial introduction period. The more your baby wears the kinderBAND™, the more consistent the results will be. Most babies get used to wearing the kinderBAND™ very quickly and sleep soundly and comfortably with the helmet. The introduction usage is designed to allow infants to quickly adapt to wearing the kinderBAND™.
What happens if insurance does not cover the cost of the kinderBAND™?
We find that most insurance plans provide coverage for cranial remolding orthoses. Our clinical staff works diligently to get insurance approvals and help you through any issues that may arise. We have a very high success rate in getting the kinderBAND™ covered by insurance. In the event that your plan does not cover the cost of the kinderBAND™, we have several payment options available, including CareCredit. Please talk to our staff, as it is our goal to help you find a solution.
Do you accept credit cards in the event that co-pays or other payments are required?
Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and personal checks. Please contact the office staff if you have any questions.
Does your staff speak Spanish?
Si! Se habla espanol. Our administrative and clinical staff speak Spanish and are here to assist you.
Where can I learn even more about kinderBAND™ treatment?
Please visit for more information.