Greg M.

Age: 51
Amputee Type: Bilateral TransTibial

Greg is a bilateral below knee amputee and an avid hunter, fisherman, boater and golfer. His story, like many amputees suffering traumatic injury, seems unbelievable. In 1986, at the age of 23, Greg was working in construction and building the Sawgrass Toll Plaza. The beam he was standing on collapsed, he fell four stories and the four ton concrete beam landed across his legs. Both of his legs were amputated below the knee, and he suffered a fractured femur and shoulder injuries requiring surgery. He spent six months at Jackson Hospital, requiring numerous surgeries and revisions done by Dr. Zych and Dr. Bowker. He remembers that every third day he was in surgery. He stopped counting after his 58th surgery. In the Fall of 1988, he was fit with prostheses at Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics. Amazingly, he got up and walked with his prostheses, despite having wounds on his limbs because the bone was necrotic. He began a complete Prosthetic Rehabilitation Program together with Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics and Physical Therapist Bob Gailey and learned to walk in six months. For Greg, giving up was just never something that entered his mind. He also he attributes his strength to his faith, believing that God doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. He never thought there was something he could not do. Greg felt the need to share his success and motivate other amputees. He and his former wife, Tina, started the Amputee Education Foundation, a non-profit organization to promote sports and information for amputees. They did this for 4 years. Currently, Greg’s focus is building a cabin on an island in the middle of Lake Iamonia in northern Florida. He travels from Tallahassee to Miami for his prosthetic care stating, “I feel like I’m part of the family having gone to Arthur Finnieston for over 20 years. The personal service and hands-on care is unparalleled. I know they are doing the work and truly understand the importance of comfortable sockets for an amputee. If it’s a difference between be able to walk with comfort and without restrictions, it is well worth my travelling from Tallahassee.”