Age: 71
Amputee Type: TransTibial

Ruth Petzold has had a lifelong passion for photography and nature, since getting her first camera at age seven. She is an acclaimed photographer published in the National Geographic and various scientific journals. While Ruth lost her leg below the knee at age 59, she didn’t let that hinder her career. Whether she’s scuba diving or on a safari photo hunt, she’s simply Ruth the adventurer. On occasion, she’s benefitted from her prosthesis, using it as a make-shift tripod when an elephant wandered into her campsite (see photo below) From wildlife in the wilds of Africa, Antarctica and the Arctic, to the undersea world of the Pacific Rim countries and the Caribbean, she has pursued the beauties of nature on all seven continents and in most of the global seas and oceans. Her passionate love of natural world has taken Ruth's work has been exhibited in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Vero Beach Museum of Art, the Crooked Tree Art Center in Michigan and the Lighthouse Gallery in Florida. Her photographs appear in the Natural History of Fishes and other scientific publications with Dr. Eugenie Clark. She has won awards from the Crooked Tree Art Center, American Society of Media Photographers, and a gold medal for International Underwater Photography in Egypt. To view Ruth’s award-winning photographs, please visit: