Sean Reyngoudt

Age: 29
Amputee Type: Below Knee - TransTibial

Sean Reyngoudt is best known for being the world’s only professional amputee kiteboarder and wakeboarder. He’s competed at the: Oregon Gorge Games - Kiteboarding Jupiter-Ft. Lauderdale Downwinder - Kiteboarding Corpus Christi Velocity Games - Kiteboarding Triple S Invitational - Kiteboarding Gravel Tour - Wakeboarding Air Nautique Games - Wakeboarding But that is merely the tip of the iceberg for Sean. Some of his other extreme sports include, free-diving to depths of 90 feet, bluewater spear fishing and shark riding (yes, that’s correct, he actually rides on the back of sharks). Actually, there isn’t much that Sean doesn’t do. In 2003, he lost his leg below the knee in a fork-lift accident. His sound foot was also severely injured which kept him wheelchair bound for the first 3 months. Not one to be kept down, Sean thought “Well, if I can’t walk then I’ll swim.” He started free-diving as soon as his wounds were healed. When Sean began the process of obtaining his first prosthesis, he was told where he could go by his insurance and Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics was not on their list. Because Sean could not be fit properly, he fought the insurance company. (Please see the full news story in the video below.) Fortunately, Sean was finally approved to go to Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics. When Sean finally came to see us, he had been walking on crutches for months without a prosthesis. The day he was fit with the Active Socket™, he literally ran out the door of our clinic. Thus began an unbelievable tale of athletic prowess through sheer determination and a positive “no limits” attitude. Six months after receiving his first prosthesis, Sean tried wakeboarding, a sport he had done before his amputation. He not only got up on the board his first time, but he also felt so comfortable that he tried jumping. A few months later, he won first place in wakeboarding at the Extremity Games. Shortly thereafter, Sean was introduced to kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport that few able bodied athletes do. Sean wasn’t fazed. To the amazement of the kiteboarding community, he learned to kite and start doing tricks immediately. Within 6 months, he was asked to be team rider for He entered competition after competition, and worked on perfecting his freestyle skills. Today, he is able to complete the expert tricks done by the top 5 kiteboarders. Sean’s goal is to continue competing in national competitions and to enter the international PKRA competitions against the best 25 kiteboarders in the world. He wants amputees to know that there are literally no limits to what they can accomplish, no matter how extreme the activity.

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