Adam Finnieston

Active Socket™ with Cushion Technology™

The Active Socket™ is currently the only socket available that utilizes a negative pressure socket system without the use of mechanical or electrical components such as the vacuum-assisted socket.

This translates to a socket that offers all the benefits of negative pressure without added weight. The other unique advantage is that the negative pressure within the Active Socket is determined by the level of activity.

For example: Pro Kiteboarder Sean Reyngoudt uses only -3 In/Hg when he’s walking around doing normal daily activities. However, when he goes kiteboarding, his negative pressure increases to -8 In/Hg.

The Active Socket™ also utilizes Cushion Technology™ to provide the user with optimal comfort. A special formulation is injected into the distal end of the socket to cushion the limb ensuring that no matter how aggressive the activity, your limb will not “bottom-out”. So you always maintain comfort no matter how intense your activity.

Arthur Finnieston


The Power Socket is for above-knee or transfemoral amputees.