Power Socket™

The Power Socket™ is a pelvic containment socket that is used for trans-femoral and hip-disarticulation amputees. It differs from an ischial containment socket which is commonly used for trans-femoral amputees.

What makes the Power Socket™ unique is that the socket locks in on the pelvis so the thigh bone can be angled to put the gluteus medius muscle in a stretched position. This serves to keep your body upright and eliminates lurching during walking. It also eliminates rotation and what is referred to as “foot-whipping”, as well as bending the spine and shoulders which occurs with a lurching gait.

Muscles are like rubber bands. They have no power when relaxed but when you stretch them, POW! lots of power. Because the muscles are stretched or contracted in the Power Socket™, you automatically get power. This power eliminates the lurch gait and it also stabilizes the prosthetic knee.

It is designed specifically out of a flexible plastic material and retainer is similar flexible material, it allows muscles to expand and hypertrophy (increases the muscle tone). It give you perfect total contact in the socket without making the muscles atrophy, a common occurrence with rigid socketsIt also puts the muscles in a position where they function better and have more power. It eliminates the pressure and discomfort in the groin, and on the bottom outside of the thigh bone.

Arthur Finnieston


The Active Socket with Cushion Technology is for below-knee or transtibial amputees.