Choosing Your Cosmesis

The external appearance of a prosthesis is a personal choice. Some clients prefer no cover with the components showing while others prefer a more life-like cosmetic cover. With either option, you have choices about the look of your prosthesis.

Without a Cosmesis

Clients who opt for not having their prosthesis covered have the option of customizing their socket. There are a wide range of transfers that can be used either in colors or patterns to customize the look of your socket.

With a Cosmesis

Clients who prefer a cover start with a soft foam base that is shaped as closely as possible to their sound leg*. Over the soft foam, clients may choose one of the following covers:

  • flesh colored stocking
  • standard skin
  • sprayed skin
  • standard silicone cover
  • highly customized silicone cover

The highly customized silicone cover is extremely life-like and includes remarkable details such as hair and finger/toe nails. The advantage of these covers is how realistic they appear. The disadvantage is that they are quite fragile and can be damaged easily. As well, custom silicone cosmetic covers are rather expensive and are not traditionally covered by Insurance.

*There can be size limitations with the cosmetic cover which are determined by the size of the socket and/or components.