Long Distance Clinical Evaluations

We often receive inquiries from abroad or out of the state. Because of the advances that have been made with the internet, video and film, we are sometimes able to do a partial evaluation by long distance.

If you are a patient interested in being evaluated by us, we kindly ask you to send us as much information as possible, including:

  • Video of your residual limb from all angles, showing the physical condition
  • Video showing your range of motion of your limb, with your existing prosthesis, from all planes (top view, side view, front view & back view) while walking and running
  • Photos of your residual limb
  • Video discussing in detail the history/timeline of all facts relating to your amputation, such as:           
    1. Reason for amputation
    2. Date of amputation
    3. Any prosthetic work received
    4. Problem you may have that is medical or prosthetic in origin
    5. Your expectations

We will analyze your videos and then arrange a conference call to provide you with our evaluation and your prosthetic options.