3D laser scan - TLSO Our TLSOs are made from a 3D laser scan of the patients’ exact anatomy so they are truly custom TLSOs. They are not made-from-measurements which many try to label as custom. Our scan obtains the patient’s tissue and bone structure so we can create a custom TLSO that provides proper correction.

At Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics, we scan the patient with the BioScanner instead of casting. The scanning process is a great surprise to our clients, as it is incredibly fast, very clean and much less intimidating than having a full torso cast.

We also use a special scanning table. The patient lies on their back and is completely relaxed. This optimal positioning allows us to accurately correct the curve.

First Fitting Appointment

  • Please bring your spinal x-ray. Your x-ray will be reviewed and you will be scanned.

Second Fitting Appointment

  • You will be fit with your TLSO. You will be given wear and care instructions.*
* We recommend our patient’s bring a t-shirt that is breathable, moisture absorbing and conducive to being worn under the TLSO. A typical cotton t-shirt will chafe when worn under a TLSO so we recommend soft microfiber shirts that wick away perspiration.