BioSculptor Laser Scanning

The BioSculptor® CAD/CAM System was developed by Arthur Finnieston Prosthetics + Orthotics and incorporated in 1997. We use the BioSculptor® System ( daily for our Prosthetic & Orthotic clients, offering them a unique plaster-free experience.

Instead of taking a plaster cast, which is traditional in P&O, we use a laser-line scanner called the BioScanner™ to scan clients. Scanning is incredibly fast, efficient and clean. Patients are amazed when they are scanned with the BioScanner™ instead of having to undergo a long and messy casting procedure.

One of the chief clinical advantages of BioSculptor is that it allows us to provide a truly intimate fit rather than a superficial fit. An intimate fit is not tight; rather, it allows clinical data to be used in designing a well fitting prosthesis.

Adam Finnieston, CPO LPO has been using BioSculptor for over 10 years. He attributes BioSculptor® to making him a better Prosthetist, as it allows him to be more precise when he does modifications. Because of it’s efficiency, he has more quality time with his clients.